Review: Restaurant ‘Chez Andy’ (Korat)

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One of the best known farang-style eateries in Korat is Swiss restaurant Chez Andy. Even though more and more restaurant chains (and even food courts) are promising Western dishes, I have yet to find one that gets it right. Chez Andy gets it spot on both with the atmosphere (you feel like at an eatery in the Alps), and choice of dishes

wpid-img_20151031_183024.jpgThe eatery offers both outdoor and indoor sitting, which feels either very relaxed (outdoor) or luxurious (indoor). Every Saturday evening a barbecue buffet is offered, with an all-you-can-eat formula. This buffet was extremely clean, well-presented and had several tasty dishes. The glass of white house wine I ordered was delicious and offered value for money. I will definitely return to try an à la carte dish.

The reason Chez Andy did not get the full 5 star rating is two-fold:

  • The price point is a tad high. The buffet is priced at 899/600 THB (with/without free flow domestic beverages and soft drinks) and an à la carte schnitzel dish costs 780 THB.
  • The meat servings at the buffet are too small. You can eat as many as you wish, so it is not a quantity issue. Larger portions would imply a juicier result.



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  1. Frank Schneidereit

    I would deduct unfortunately another star. For only one reason that is important for me. He offers in its menu a world-famous “Wiener Schnitzel” thus suggested that I get a schnitzel from veal. But this is not the case, it is a simple pork cutlet Vienna style. So it should be declared in that way. From a professional Swiss chef I expect that he knows that the term “Wiener Schnitzel” is legally protected, Any other meat tgen veal has to be called Vienna Style. In Europe he wouldt face legal problems.

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