Review: Phimai Inn Restaurant (Phimai, Thailand)

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The restaurant of the Phimai Inn hotel is easily my favorite proper eatery in the town of Phimai. Sadly, I cannot extend the praise to the outdated and rather dingy hotel rooms, but the dining experience is top notch. Allow me to convince you.


During weekdays, we usually out at a simple restaurant or Isaan BBQ place. Over the weekend we splurge on an elaborate Thai dinner and at least one Japanese or Western meal. More often than not, the Thai meal is at Phimai Inn.


The Phimai Inn is right outside Phimai town center, just up the road from the brand new Tesco-Lotus. Even though right next to a large road, there isn’t much traffic and the surrounding area is always quiet.

The restaurant has a very large outside area, next to the pool and extending to the parking lot. During daytime, restaurant patrons are free to use that pool, just so you know.


If you visit and have the opportunity, try to take a seat at a table on the raised part with the tiled floor. The ventilators around there keep the mosquitoes at bay, which is a necessity at night.


The Phimai Inn has a very extensive menu which also includes a page with farang food and Western breakfast. I can’t comment on the steaks but the breakfast is acceptable. Just remember to order three servings, as the portion size is a tad on the small side.

Where Phimai Inn shines is in its Thai recipes. They are made to order, served swiftly and very delicious. I would strongly suggest to try one of the following dishes.

  • Shrimp spring rolls, which I order as a side dish every time (THB 150)
  • Spicy squid salad (THB 130)
  • Tod Man Plaa, or Fish Cakes (THB 130)
  • Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts (THB 130)
  • Banana Flower Salad with Shrimp

Even though not on the menu, a bottle of white wine can be ordered. Mind you, at THB 900 they really overcharge (at least relative to the quality of the wine), so I would not recommend that you do.


Separate air-conditioned dining rooms are available should you prefer those, and a lovely event hall is located behind the corner. Chompooh and I celebrated our engagement there.

If the Phimai Inn’s management now puts in the effort to have the hotel rooms renovated and to launch a proper website … they would have a tremendous winner on their hands.



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