Review: Leerada Spa (Korat)

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While sitting down for some chocolate cake at Sweet Cafe, I noticed Leerada Spa across the street. Exploring the city of Korat by foot had gotten me in the mood for a traditional Thai massage. I finished up my coffee and walked over.


Leerada Spa is very nicely docorated in traditional Thai style, with lots of wood, and feels up-scale. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who did not speak English at all, but who can blame her … after all we are in a non-touristic area and in a business that caters to the local market. I was able to get across that I was in the market for a one-hour Thai massage.

After being assigned a massage therapist I was escorted to my area. The massage mat was curtained off, so I could change in the usual massage uniform (spacious top and fisherman pants). Sadly, my massage spot was right next to the entrance. With the spa completely void of customers, I would have prefered not to have the door slammed shut next to my head throughout the entire session.

The massage was extremely enjoyable, professional and the therapist knew her trade well. Absolutely no negative points when it comes to the actual massage. A common grievance did return however: she kept talking out loud to her colleagues, throughout the hour. This kept me from enjoying the session to the full extent.

After the session, I was offered a cup of tea and was charged 200 baht.

In time, I will return because the clean and beautiful interior and the presence of professional massage skills. If the negative aspects are addressed, I will add one star to the review. If not, I will deduct one and not return.

The address of the spa, as well as a map to its location, can be found here.

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