Playlist: Popcorn Classics

Popcorn is an underground music style that emerged in the ’70s and ’80s in Belgium. Over the years its true meaning has been misinterpreted and convoluted (in part by many compilations using the Popcorn flag), which has led to the incorrect interpretation as a synonym for Oldies from the 50’s and 60’s, which is not completely accurate. The 1969 synthpop song Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley has no relation to the movement either. The scene emerged in the early seventies in a club called Popcorn (which gave it its name) in Vrasene, Belgium. The music is a combination of vintage Soul, Swing, Surf, Latin and even Broadway Musical scores, typically downtempo and slightly melancholic. Even though Popcorn shares similarities with the UK’s Northern Soul movement, they are distinct subcultures. Most records were down-pitched and not played at their original tempo. In many ways, the Popcorn scene was a precursor to modern day nightclub, deejay and record culture and is one of the factors leading up to to the later New Beat phenomenon. Below is a playlist of my favorite and original Popcorn records. Youtube-user PopcornJef maintains a huge online Popcorn archive if you’d like to explore more tracks. This documentary elaborates a bit further. Complete track listing if you continue reading.

Playlist: Popcorn Classics


  1. T.J. Torres Combo – Soul Cha
  2. Billy Larkin & The Delegates – Hole in the Wall
  3. Perry & The Harmonics – Do The Monkey With James
  4. Los Boppers – Ali Baba
  5. Sam Fletcher – I’d Think It Over
  6. Allez Allez – African Queen
  7. Mike Anthony – Why Can’t We Think It Over
  8. Buddy Ace – True Love Money Can’t Buy
  9. Dakota’s All Stars – Call Me Master
  10. Kingston All Stars – Happy Hunter
  11. Allah Las – Catamaran
  12. The Turn-Keys – That Place
  13. David Michael – Wow
  14. Billy Gayles – I’m Tore Up
  15. Nick Waterhouse – I Can Only Give you Everything
  16. Dolly Lyon – Palm Of Your Hand
  17. Clarence Hill – A Lot of Loving Going Around
  18. Paul Beattie – I’m Coming Home
  19. Nappy Brown – Coal Miner
  20. Mel Torme – I’m Coming Home
  21. Linda Scott – I’ve Told Every Little Star
  22. The Blue Busters – You’re The One
  23. Beth Bynum – I’ll Set You Free

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