Playlist: Belpop

This time, a playlist that doesn’t tell the story of a subculture but rather that of a geographical area: my home country of Belgium. This is a collection of records that have an international appeal, but have slipped into relative obscurity. It’s a trip starting in the clubs, moving past trip-hop, visiting rock venues and ending up in a tropical ska atmosphere. Isn’t Belgium wonderfully diverse? Full track listing if you continue reading.

  1. DJ 4T4 – Last Night
  2. Arsenal – Longee
  3. Red Carpet – Alright
  4. Hooverphonic – 2wicky
  5. Luc Van Acker & Anna Domino – Zanna
  6. Sweet Coffee – Alright (Official Bootleg Mix)
  7. Nacht und Nebel – Beats of Love
  8. Flesh & Bones – Rigor Mortis
  9. Front 242 – Headhunter
  10. The Neon Judgment – TV treated
  11. TC Matic – Oh La La La
  12. Red Zebra – I can’t live in a living room
  13. Soulwax – Much against everyone’s advice
  14. The Black Box Revelation – Love Licks
  15. 2 Belgen – Operation coup de poing
  16. Lou & the Hollywood Bananas – Kingston Kingston


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