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King Bhumibol’s everlasting presence

His Royal Highness King Bhumibol’s presence in daily life remains everlasting. The Thai public has bestowed the title of King of Kings upon him. This particular scene caught my eye because of its timeless setting: it has remained virtually unchanged over the past decades and chances are that it will remain untouched for the years to come. The TV screen offers a fleeting glimpse of the mourning ceremonies, while King Bhumibol’s portrait symbolizes the permanent nature of his presence.  #Thailand




Thai Market 2016 in Pictures (Bredene, Belgium)

The Thai Market in Bredene (Belgium) has been one of the most popular events in the local Thai community for a while. With 3 stages, 4 sitting areas, plenty of authentic food stalls, several booths selling authentic food, the largest Thai event in the Benelux area significantly grew with this year’s edition. Not just in square footage, in visitors as well: the family-friendly event seems to have made its way into the calendar of a wide range of people. Below is my pictorial report, with a personal touch, but still true to the event. As an Easter Egg, Thai popstar Kratae Rsiam does a cameo. Can you find her?


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