Phimai Festival 2015: the musical

An integral part of the Phimai Festival is the musical, which is performed on a daily basis during the festival days. Set in the famous Historical Park, the performance combines a truly unique setting, a gigantic stage, dancers, singers, coorinated fireworks, a light show, live animals, fabulous costumes and traditional lanters rising to the sky in the finale. With a different story every year, it is truly worth the visit. It is the most professional and breathtaking event I have ever seen on Thai soil. Try to get a ticket well in advance, as queues right before the event are extremely long. Amply seating is available, but try to get a centrally-located chair to get the full impact of all visual elements. Full picture gallery is available here, courtesy of Mananchai Photography.

picture courtesy of Mananchai Photography


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  1. Steven Di Glitterati

    Khulu Man I unconsciously expected to see you pop up there, at any time 🙂

  2. Khulu Man

    I would like to be there enjoying the moment of ancient history kha

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