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Favorite whey restocked

With my supply of whey products replenished, time has almost come to straighten up and fly right. My period of extensive traveling comes to a pauze halfway through February and I plan to hit the gym hard. If you are anything like me, having your favorite products around helps keep motivation up. I like to start my day either with a breakfast shake based on Protech’s Whey Breakfast, or with same oatmeal-and-skimmed-milk with a scoop of Protech‘s vanilla 3whey. Absolutely delicious and I hope the upcoming improved taste of Whey Breakfast won’t have too much of an impact. Throughout the day, I prefer Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey in the double rich chocolate taste. All of them are top tips if you want both good products without a trade-off on flavor.


Gibberish Facebook Adverts

Maybe it’s just the remarkable advertising profile Facebook has given me, but adverts on my Facebook wall have been strange for a while. Endless Kickstarter wristwatch suggestions have just given way to middle-aged women with the intention to show their knickers. Written in fluent Gibberish, this particular one reads something like On the feelings of a woman alone, you will have experienced differently. Passion impulse, tremendous delight from here. Recipes, tips and all things kitchen for any level of chef. The links leads to either this blank website or this Facebook page with a picture of a smiling girl. Strange, isn’t it? Who pays for such useless publicity?


Bargain boxers

For about a decade America Today‘s self-branded Alex boxer were my absolute favorite. Well-designed (wedgie-proof ;-)), durable and comfortable, they offered great value for quality that was similar to Calvin Klein, but at a far better price. At one point however, an inside label was added that seriously irritated the skin and rendered them unusable (unless worn inside-out). A new generation slightly addressed this issue, but did not resolve completely … and I had to part ways with my favorite brand. Last week, I was informed that America Today had finally found a solution by simply removing the label … two days later the new version arrived at my door step. Perfect! The new boxers are available in their online store, but be careful the improvement only applies to this and this product. They are available with a buy two get one free deal and the 15FLIPIT coupon code gets you an additional 15% discount until the end of January 2016. Bargain.


Playlist: Deep Despair

The current grim and dark Belgian weather is reflected in my latest compilation: Deep Despair. Deep house to Electro Pop with a melancholic undercurrent. Swapping a tropical climate for winter and leaving my princess behind in the process might have been a contributing factor, but let’s not dwell on that. For your consideration and perfect for gym and workout purposes. Full track listing if you continue reading.

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Yanga sports water … no comment

As posted yesterday, I reluctantly joined Basic-Fit. Today, I decided to have a look into the Yanga Sports Water that Basic-Fit offers for an addition of EUR 4.99 to the monthly subscription. Having a taste prior to subscribing does not seem to be an option, so I decided to have a look at the dispenser. The back was particularly interesting. I’m just going to post the picture and not offer any further comment. By the way, the tap water in the shower does not imply an additional cost.


Reluctant Basic-Fit membership

After having trained at an independently-owned gym with a friendly atmosphere for the last decade, I reluctantly became a Basic-Fit member today. Not a big fan of corporate gyms, it was the most sensible choice. Three locations relatively close by, a fourth on the way and dirt-cheap prices … there wasn’t a real alternative. Basic-fit offers three subscriptions: Easy, Smart and Flex. The latter two use direct debit, where you allow them to take the fee directly out of your bank account. Not an option in my opinion. Past experience with direct debit has proven this to be troublesome to get rid of. The Easy subscription implies the payment of one year’s subscription in advance, does not imply direct debit and comes down to €18,16/month when the joining fee and current promotion are factored in. Hardly breaking the bank. It’s too soon to review the facilities, right now … patience. Just one observation: the color scheme isn’t exactly easy on the eyes. 😉


Confusion about Sriracha sauce

A few weeks ago Bangkok expats burst into spontaneous cries of joy on social media: Sriracha spicy sauce would be available in Thailand, finally. The story got picked up be several online media, explaining that Sriracha isn’t originally Thai and interviewing locals who where just as surprised as myself. While I have come to know several extremely pleasant Bangkok residents with foreign roots, some of them have picked up a few peculiarities while living in the BKK Bubble. Nothing major, just little quirks like their yearning for British Indian food, or the American Chinese kitchen.  Early on, I’ve learned not to question them and just keep them unaddressed. But wasn’t the Sriracha sauce invented in the city of Si Racha in Thailand’s Chonburi province and isn’t it still in production in that very same province? My mind kept wondering and I decided to check. Both the labels of my spicy red sauce bottles (pictures below) and Wikipedia confirm my suspicion. The truth of the matter: internationally, the biggest producer of Sriracha (Huy Fong, with the famous red rooster logo) is based in California, just started exporting to Thailand and seems to have an excellent PR department.


Adidas ZNE Traveller Hoodie

When Adidas launched the Zero Negative Energy (ZNE) line, focusing on pre- and post-game athlete comfort, I wasn’t particularly listening. With the fashionable and sharp  traveller edition they caught my attention. My ZNE hoodie struck me as smart and fashionable, has an elongated hood that helps drown out cabin rumour during flights, has many hidden compartments and uses premium lining to make you feel at home during long hauls. Sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but it’s genuinely lovely. Classic.