Old school gearhead

The sight of an impeccably clean German straight-6 engine gives me joy. I’ll confess: I’m a gearhead. This is my 17-year old jewel. Rebuilt, tuned, but inconspicuous and unassuming.  One of my favorite things in the world.


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  1. Ben Bloom

    More pics?

    • Steven Di Glitterati

      Nah, I’d rather not post them. But I’ll bring it to the gym, some time. It’s a pre-facelift E46 coupe (the very early version, still with E36 parts, which were replaced soon after), as it was launched. All original and in almost impeccable condition. Not really worth anything, but I love it. The electrical systems completely disintegrated last year: a short circuit in the wiring harness fried the ECU and turned it into a boat anchor. BMW recognized it as a well-cared-for and loved car and resuscitated it. Very thankful and touched.

    • Ben Bloom

      My e28 has been dead for a couple of months now due to an electrical gremlin. ? it’s not going to a BMW garage though ?

    • Steven Di Glitterati

      Do you still have it? An e28 still has a reasonable shot of being fixed by a motivated local mechanic, so please do not give up … pretty sure it can be fixed. My usual mechanic threw in the towel. So I took it to the local BMW dealership and told them “Just fix it”. At first, they thought they had succeeded but when I went on a test drive, the car went into limp home mode when I was doing 180 on the left lane of the highway. Back at the dealership the electronics that controlled the throttle valve turned out to have been fried too. Once again, I asked them: please fix it, I want it back. A week later, literally everything electrical under the bonnet had been replaced, a new ECU installed and remotely programmed by Stuttgart. Whatever that implies exactly I do not know, but the car is faster and has better fuel economy (from 11.3 l/100 km to 9.4 l/100 km). When I asked for a much-feared bill, they told me: it’s on us, just take care of it. Absolutely nothing has gone in the year that has passed since.

  2. Gille Goyvaerts

    M50 engine njammie

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