News analysis: Where to find rare Pokémon in Thailand

Thailand’s National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has concerns about the Pokemon Go app, which I do share. Playing an augmented-reality game anywhere and everywhere does have its dangers. As a result, the NBTC has demanded Pokéstop-free zones from Niantic, the games’ producer. These zones include dangerous areas (footpaths, railroads, railways and canal banks), religious places (temples and pagodas), hospitals, schools, government and military buildings and private places. With the 40 meter radius of a Pokéstop, this eliminates anything but public places that are 40 meter from a footpath, leaving just Royal palaces and the center of public areas (without a body of water) available for playing.

But hold on, the Culture Minister has advised the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to limit players’ foot traffic in ancient landmarks, which also eliminates most palaces. What remains are the central parts of public parks that do not have a water feature.

That being said, the Thai Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has requested that more rare Pokémon are released at emerging tourist sites, especially during week days to promote off-peak visitor traffic.

Conclusion: if all this pans out, (rare!) Pokémon will be found centrally in up-and-coming dry Thai public parks, but not in the weekend.

If this isn’t hard-hitting investigative journalism, I don’t know what is 🙂


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