New desperate television stations in Belgium

Someone needs to tell Flemish media execs that the days of traditional you-will-watch-when-we-tell-you television stations are numbered. With the viewership base diminishing and rapidly growing older (the average viewer is 53 years old!), media concerns Medialaan and SBS Belgium seem to be grasping towards the same desparate approach to stabilize ad revenue: niche stations that air movies and shows that have been broadcasted to death. SBS Belgium announced ZES!, which will schedule the likes of Police Academy, Lethal Weapon and other stale content that they must have gotten a bargain on when the video rental model went bust. Medialaan took over a channel not even dogs watched (their own words) and turned it into CAZ (not an acronym, apparently). The kicker is that they claim the name closely matches their target audience (yes, really!). Meaningless and easily forgotten? 🙂 Anyway, CAZ will re-schedule Game of Thrones, Dexter and Black Sails. Common’ Flanders, you can do better than this. Try again. We want online access to all content, at any time, on any location and by means of any device. That is where your ad revenue evaporated to. Wake up and start streaming.


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