My star arrives tomorrow. Excited!

Today is my last day of instant noodles, working in my jammies till noon and going to the gym at night to see 3-dimensional people. It is the last day I live by myself and I’m excited! Tomorrow my lovely wife Khwantippa will finally join me, and not just for a few months. A new phase for the both of us. We’ll take you along on a colorful adventure, on the cusp of two cultures.

Thaise dans

After getting married in July, Khwantippa and myself had to part ways, temporarily. A government official and English teacher (‘Khru Chompooh’, as her students call her) Khwantippa needed to return to Thailand for professional reasons. My job kept me in Belgium and Shanghai for a while, before spending the holidays in Bangkok together. There, we started the paperwork to apply for Chommy’s Visa D (‘Reunion of Family’) that she was issued last month. She has since quit her job, which she is now finishing up. Not to brag, but her students just won the Thai national English skit competition. Khru Chommy even beat all international schools. You’ve guessed it, I’m her biggest fan.

Thai dance

Khwantippa being honored by her students (‘Wai Khru’)

Tomorrow she will board a Thai Airways Airbus for Brussels International Airport to be reunited permanently. Honestly, I can’t wait. So excited!

In preparation of her arrival, I have been frantically cleaning and reorganizing the house. Spic and span is an understatement.

Permanently living between two cultures, we are bound to have colorful adventures. We’ll discover Belgium through Thai eyes, and introduce you to the local Thai community … which has more to offer (to Thai and Belgians alike) than you’d expect.

I have been reviewing Thai restaurants for quite a while, but the Belgian Thai community is much bigger than just those. Thai supermarkets, Thai bars, Thai organizations, lovely Thai temples and … Thai events. A weekend doesn’t go by without a Thai event on Belgian soil.

Traditional Thai Dance Attire

Chompooh in traditional Thai dance attire

Khwantippa will be continuing her passion of traditional Thai dance. Do expect her on a stage near you in the not too distant future. Since age 6, she has been honing her craft, collecting costumes and learning how to do makeup.

Thaise dans Belgie

There are also practical hurdles to take, for sure. First up is wardrobe. Some serious shopping will need to be done. That being said, we are not opposed to any type of apparel sponsorship … just so you know. She is a star, after all 😉

I’m spending my last night alone binge-watching House of Cards, just to keep my excitement contained a little.

To be continued.

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