Mor lam dancing: more contagious fun in Thailand

Mor Lam is a traditional style of country music that is hugely popular in Laos and Isan (North-East Thailand), and is currently growing in popularity globally. Mor Lam events attract large visitor numbers and feature rather extravagant dancing, especially by Kathoeys. Where do their current dancing moves come from and what is with the pieces of carpet, one might ask when visiting such an event. Well, these can be traced back to the video below. How this is still copied today, is illustrated if you continue reading.

กระเทย2คนเต้นหน้าเวทีหมอลำ ฮามาก ๆ

เต้นหน้าเวทีประถม สาวเลยยังรอ วัดนาแค ปักธงชัย

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