Mediahuis technical difficulties remain unresolved (Update: offline again)

*Update 23/10: all Mediahuis websites have returned to normal*

*Update 24/10: websites offline again*

*Update 24/10: downtime claimed by hackers*

Over twelve hours have passed since the websites of Belgian publisher Mediahuis went down and the issues haven’t been resolved yet. A report by Flemish national TV pointed towards a hardware problem, but was later edited to remove any mention of the hardware infrastructure supplier. The limited functionality that has been restored, seems nothing more than a WordPress installation that has been hastily set up, which is confirmed by the source code (illustration included, some specifics edited out). As the absence of a back-up procedure, emergency location and recovery plan is highly unlikely, I suspect something rather serious is going on. We wish all people involved the best of luck, and courage in these undoubtedly challenging and stressful times.


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