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Phimai remains a village that choses to divulge its secrets at a slow pace. From the secret hipster bar, past the hidden big-box retailer, to the hard-to-find gym, the town has much more to offer than one would assume at first glance. My latest discovery is Manatsana Massage. Like most of the hidden treasures, it is located slightly out-of-the-way and no website or Facebook presence is available. To make Manatsanan Massage easier to find, I have included a map at the bottom of this post. Here is my review.

img_20151216_133019.jpgManatsanan is a tiny massage shop, but nevertheless has room for 3 simultaneous customers. There is just one main room available and massage stations can be seperated with curtains, as is usually the case. The host is extremely friendly and eventhough her grasp of the English language is limited, she has no problems conveying any message.

All available massages, along with prices, are listed on a banner outside in both Thai and English, which makes it very easy to choose and point to the desired service. Pricing is similar to the Phimai Elderly Society: one hour of traditional Thai massage comes to 150 baht, which remains a bargain.


The shop is spotless and has air conditioning. Outside noise can barely be heared and relaxing (but unintrusive) music is played during the massage. At my first visit, the massage therapist did not talk to any colleagues, did not speak on the phone or put on a blaring TV set, which is often the case.


The massage was relaxing, but firm and thorough, just the way it should be. It is not my best massage experience ever (which was at a small shop in Bangkok, close to Ramkhamhaeng Airport Line station … story for another time), but it is in my top 10 and currently it is my favorite shop in Phimai.

Underneath is a map, for your convenience.

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  1. I love massages very much ! It’s hard to know where to get good ones while travelling. I’m always looking for good blogs to find them lol ! It works sometimes! 😁

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