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Hotel top tip: charging your devices

Our increasing use of smartphones, tablets and laptops while traveling implies a constant quest for a power outlet to charge them. Hotels, on the other hand, try to minimize their electricity bill by using a key card holder, so the electricity switches off when you’re not there. As a result, hotel guests are not able to charge batteries while out-and-about. There is a clever way around it, however. Refrigerators do not switch off, as it would make them useless. Just use that outlet for charging, while you’re not there. It may require some fidgeting or even a splitter, but I guarantee it works.




Are nation states going to start competing for Middle-Class taxes?

From time to time I’d like to launch a thought-provoking idea, just to start a potentially interesting discussion. I haven’t quite figured out the answer to the first one, but here goes. In the light of wildly differing income taxation rates, growing population mobility and decreasing meaning of nationality, are nation states going to start competing for the income tax of the Middle Class, at some point? While this idea might seem out there, just indulge me for one moment and take a ride on my train of thought.

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How to follow the news from all angles (and for free)

In this strange new world of terrorist attacks, wars around the world and remarkable elections, the need to diversify our news sourcing has been becoming apparent. Local outlets are suffering from myopia and censorship, even in the Western world. International media are increasingly colored by their nation’s flag. The need to consider a story from all angles has never been higher, nor will it diminish any time soon. Over the last few months I have gathered several news feeds that are diverse, accessible, convenient and to top it off … free. To summarize: watch and read the news anytime, anywhere and without spending a cent. This post is a work in progress. I would really appreciate your input. Please share your preferred feeds and websites in the comment section. The best submissions will be added to the post.

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Food hack: Quick and delicious wok meal

After my local Chinese take-away restaurant went out of business, I was faced with a practical problem. Over the last 5 years, I had gotten used to having healthy personalized dishes 15 minutes and 5 steps away. My options were limited: either give up on my fitness diet (plenty of protein and veggies, low on fat) and resort to other take-away, or start cooking those meals myself. I grabbed the wok with both hands and came up with this delicious, cheap, cheerful, healthy and very quick solution, with minimal washing-up to be done afterwards.


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