Lidl: the story continues

Truth be told, I have to give it to discount supermarket Lidl: they are really upping their game. Their amount of premium white label products is increasing and offers fair value. A cart filled with lobster salad, truffle-infused cheese, fresh produce, several meat products (including steak and cordon bleu), wine, gratin dauphinois, parmigiano, risotto, ricotta-filled pasta, etc. just cost me EUR 50 today. Never a dull moment in their store in Vilvoorde, though. After I went on a rant about being refused service at check-out and being called a monkey by their employees in the comment section, I returned today (craving lobster salad, I’ll admit). The exact same employee that skipped the queue last time, surprised patrons by yelling at a customer right next to me. With a complexion almost as red as her colored hair she cried out “Wadest me aa?” in local dialect, which translates to something to the likes of “What is your problem?“. The personnel I thought, not the brand. Maybe time to switch to the store in Zemst.



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