Lessons learned in Thai traffic

As a Westerner, it takes some adjusting to driving a car in Thailand.
Recently obtained insights are
1. It does not pay to be a gentlemen in Thai traffic. The best approach is to assimilate the native strategy which leads us to point 2.
2. Learn to be comfortable with the Fuck you, buddy! approach: whatever the situation is, whatever kind of nuisance you make of yourself, no matter how many other cars you obstruct, do whatever suits you best at that particular moment in time. Do this with a smile, a relaxed composure and do change your plans on a whim.
3. Where in Europe flashing headlights convey the message Go ahead, I’ll let you pass, in South-East Asia it means Fair warning, kamikaze driver approaching. Confusing both can be lethal.
4. Budget The fast & the furious  enthusiasts love to ride your bumper in the fast lane. In the spirit of point 2: it scares the bejeezus out of them when you suddenly switch on your (tail)lights.
5. To entice you to approach or to move into a certain lane, Thai traffic police use the exact same gesture as the one that means Go Away in Europe. They do not have a sense of humor about this.
6. On any kind of public holiday, do not use any highway in a direction away from Bangkok, especially towards Isaan. They turn into parking lots overnight.


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  1. Lou De Buyser

    Peking eens proberen 🙂 (ook als voetganger)

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