Intercontinental breakfast

Finally, she has arrived. Last Saturday, Khwantippa safely arrived in Belgium. Having been apart for months, we’ve spent the weekend doing literally nothing, which was absolute bliss. Like we’ve never been apart, we have fallen into couples routine, starting with food. Breakfast might have the strangest spread for outsiders.

Thai breakfast

Chicken soup, rice, pancakes and marmalade for breakfast

As a mixed-culture couple, our menu is a combination of Western and Asian dishes, that might seem strange to others. Case in point: breakfast. This morning, it was a mix of Thai chicken soup with vegetables, jasmine rice, fish sauce, spicy salami, pancakes, cherry marmalade and coffee.

Khwantippa is doing her best adapting to local cuisine. With Belgium having and extremely mixed culture and cuisine, our first night out was … to a Greek restaurant 🙂

Greek restaurant

On the agenda today: paperwork at City Hall and shopping for warm outfits. We’ll catch you on the flipside.

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