How to follow the news from all angles (and for free)

In this strange new world of terrorist attacks, wars around the world and remarkable elections, the need to diversify our news sourcing has been becoming apparent. Local outlets are suffering from myopia and censorship, even in the Western world. International media are increasingly colored by their nation’s flag. The need to consider a story from all angles has never been higher, nor will it diminish any time soon. Over the last few months I have gathered several news feeds that are diverse, accessible, convenient and to top it off … free. To summarize: watch and read the news anytime, anywhere and without spending a cent. This post is a work in progress. I would really appreciate your input. Please share your preferred feeds and websites in the comment section. The best submissions will be added to the post.


Personally, I like to start my day watching the news over breakfast. The following links will giude you straight to five news bulletins, each from different angles. I have listed them in my usual viewing order.


Video News Bulletins

Euronews Latest News Bulletin (European, English-spoken)

VRT Journaal (Belgian, Dutch-spoken)

RT News (Russian, English-spoken)

BBC One-Minute World News (British)

CNN (American, live)

ABC’s News in 90 seconds (Australian)

TeleSUR (Latin-America)


Traditionally, most people choose one newspaper to subscribed to. That has one major drawback: it significantly narrows your view. Having more than one subscription would be impractical (and costly) and surfing around the web chasing articles is not efficient at all. If only there was a way to combine different sources in your own newspaper. Well, there is. For more than 20 years online newspapers (and other websites) have been broadcasting their article stream over RSS. Simply put: RSS is an internet link used to send out new content on a website. As soon as the article is published online, it appears on the link (along with a short summary and often a picture) that can be added to an RSS reader. My problem with RSS has always been that the readers weren’t practical or aesthetically pleasing. Newsify (an app on iOS) was a step in the right direction, but discovering Feedly was my personal tipping point.

Feedly is a free online service that allows you to save, organize and read your RSS feeds online in a convenient manner. You might not be a fan of reading the news on a computer screen and in a browser, neither am I. It gets better. Feedly has free apps for both iOS and Android that are a pleasure to read articles in. If you link those with an account on, your RSS feeds are synchronized in all directions and on all devices. Really, using it is a breeze.

So where do you get these feeds? Most websites have them, indicated by the icon underneath.


If you cannot spot it right away, just enter the website’s name followed by RSS into google. More often than not it is simply the URL followed by either /rss or /feed. To get you started, here are my personal favorites, sorted into categories. All offer an unlimited amount of freely available articles, unless stated differently. Don’t be put off by the Russian feeds, as long as you keep their background in mind (as you should with any medium), they offer great coverage. None of the feeds reflect my personal political views. I’ll add a feed from any point-of-view, as long as it is respectful and well-argumented.


RSS news feeds

  • News – International

New York Times – World (American, # articles/month limited)

Channel News Asia – World News (Asian)

Channel News Asia – Asia Pacific (Asian)

De Standaard – Buitenland (Belgian, Dutch)

RT – Daily News (Russian, English languange)

Sputnik International (Russian, English languange)

The Independent (British)

Khaosod English – Around the world (Thai, English languange)

Africa News (African, English spoken)

TeleSUR (Latin-American, English)


  • News – Belgium – Binnenland (Belgian news, Dutch) – Politiek (Belgian news – Dutch)

De Standaard – Binnenland (Belgian news, Dutch)

Gazet van Antwerpen – Binnenland (Belgian news, Dutch)


  • News – Economic


De Standaard – Economie (Belgian news, Dutch)


  • News – Technology

CNN – Technology

New York Times – Technology

DataNews (Dutch, # articles/month limited)


Wall Street Journal – Technology (# articles/month limited)

Huffington Post – Technology


  • News – Science

Huffington Post – Science


  • News – Opinion

De Wereld Morgen (Belgian, Dutch, socialist background)

Doorbraak (Belgian, Dutch, Flemish-Nationalist background)


  • News – Entertainment

CNN – Entertainment

De Standaard – Cultuur (Belgian, Dutch)

Het Laatste Nieuws – Festivals & concerten (Belgian, Dutch)

De Filmblog – Movies (Dutch)

KnackFocus – Movies (Dutch)

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