History of Nightlife: Belgian Popcorn

An almost forgotten episode of nightlife culture is the Popcorn movement of the late Sixties and Seventies, in Belgium. Heavily tarnished by cheezy compilations, if it does ring a bell for some people, it’s most often the wrong one. In reality, it featured a mix of fifties/sixties R&B/funk, the Motown-sound, Ska, film scores, … and was somewhat related to the British Northern Soul movement. Club hopping, DJ-culture, the hunt for vinyl, substance abuse, … did not have their start after the introduction of Disco and House, but long before. The history is excellently covered in the superb documentation The Sound of Belgium by Jozef Devilé. As it’s heavily commercialized and still has some volumes of compilations to sell, it can only be watched online in a pay-for-play setup (which doesn’t seem to work). No worries, the next documentary by Lander Lenaerts serves as an excellent introduction, even if it doesn’t quite do the subculture complete justice (in my opinion). If I ever find a better one, you’ll read about it here.


Update: Youtube users PopcornJef en EricPopcorn seem to be building extensive collections of Popcorn music.

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