Glitterati Radio

Interested in having an ever-changing collection of interesting songs in a wide-variety of styles available anytime, anywhere? I present my Glitterati Radio Youtube playlist. An interesting mix of underground and mainstream music, often in surprising remixes and edits. Available if you continue reading, along with my motivation, approach and all options for listening. Enjoy and please do post any feedback or suggestions for tracks.

Glitterati radio

Playlist: Glitterati radio

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Back in the days of the Glitterati webzine, one of my aspirations was to set up an online medium that would be positioned somewhere between an online radio and an on-demand television station. A rotation of music videos we liked, interspersed with bite-sized little reports. Obviously that never materialized because of practical issues, the high costs of bandwidth, rights to the music and … well, life. When I recently started pouring my favourite tunes into a youtube playlist, to have them available anywhere at any time, I realized that (in a small way) I was setting up my old dream.


This playlist works in any browser using this link, and is available in all youtube apps on all platforms. The direct link within youtube is available here.


The list is update daily in a stream of consciousness approach: when I like something new, it is added on top. When I get tired of a track, I delete it from the list.


Don’t forget that most Youtube apps have a suffle feature. With an ever growing selection, you’ll never get bored.


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