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Test case-Lotus: wine :-)

Keen to test the findings of my Thai wine buying research in real-life, we hit Tesco-Lotus yesterday. Finding a reasonably priced and widely available bottle of red wine remains the current objective. First step: locate a bottle with a blue tax label and an acceptable price. Priced below 300 baht, this Australian Camden Park was in the same price bracket as the Peter Vella and Montclair local fruit wines. Second criterium: scan the labels for any mention of … yup, there it was “Fruit Wine“. On to the next one. Will report back with a review on the wine we ended up buying.



Buying decent wine for a reasonable price in Thailand

As you might have noticed from previous posts, I am struggling to find a decent bottle of (preferably red) wine at a reasonable price in Thailand. I decided to investigate why this proves to be such a challenging task. After all, Australia is relatively close by and makes respectable fermented grape juice. Word between the vines is that Thailand is perfectly capable of producing a good product. Even though a visit to to the Silverlake Vineyard didn’t exactly convince me, Khao Yai’s Granmonte Winery did win several international prizes. Continue reading for a surprising look into the Thai wine market, with a practical tip about how to judge a wine by its bottle.

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A Saturday in the life of

Lately, we’ve been getting an increasing amount of questions about our daily life, living in Isaan. Some of them seem to imply we live in poverty, others in the bush or even in an alien world. After a few days of feeling under the weather, I was up for a day out-and-about an we decided to hit the city. Perfect for another glimpse.

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Widely available wines in Thailand

This picture represents the most readily available wines in Thailand, with just Peter Vella missing. The most popular seem to be this latter one and Mont Clair (both priced at 299 baht at Tesco Lotus). Both being just barely acceptable, quite frankly. I still have to try Jacob’s Creek, though. The first occasion I get I will check out a specialized wine store hoping to find a budget friendly recommendation.



Healthy fast food

In the West, we primarily know the fried version of the spring roll. The fresh uncooked version is at least as popular in Asia, which is a wrapped version of a salad, really. We need readily available healthy fast food like this in Europe.



Going native

Key to living the Thailand lifestyle is eating local food, sometimes derogatorily referred to as going native by expats. Sure, Western food is readily available in the city and the cost of life is significantly lower when compared to Farangland, but I still stick to my opinion. Let me tell you why.

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