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Review: Felix Pizza, Vilvoorde (Belgium)

‘The best pizza of Vilvoorde and surrounding area’. Felix Pizza in Vilvoorde has chosen quite the audacious tag line. I do like the implied confidence, but it does sound like a challenge. With a growing number of pizza parlors in my hometown, there are a lot of contenders for the title. Off the top of my head, there’s Testa Rossi, Barino, Pizza Vera, Pizza Talia, Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Main rival in the region is Il Casale in Grimbergen, in my opinion. Does Felix Pizza measure up? Let’s have a look.

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Favorite whey restocked

With my supply of whey products replenished, time has almost come to straighten up and fly right. My period of extensive traveling comes to a pauze halfway through February and I plan to hit the gym hard. If you are anything like me, having your favorite products around helps keep motivation up. I like to start my day either with a breakfast shake based on Protech’s Whey Breakfast, or with same oatmeal-and-skimmed-milk with a scoop of Protech‘s vanilla 3whey. Absolutely delicious and I hope the upcoming improved taste of Whey Breakfast won’t have too much of an impact. Throughout the day, I prefer Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey in the double rich chocolate taste. All of them are top tips if you want both good products without a trade-off on flavor.


Confusion about Sriracha sauce

A few weeks ago Bangkok expats burst into spontaneous cries of joy on social media: Sriracha spicy sauce would be available in Thailand, finally. The story got picked up be several online media, explaining that Sriracha isn’t originally Thai and interviewing locals who where just as surprised as myself. While I have come to know several extremely pleasant Bangkok residents with foreign roots, some of them have picked up a few peculiarities while living in the BKK Bubble. Nothing major, just little quirks like their yearning for British Indian food, or the American Chinese kitchen.  Early on, I’ve learned not to question them and just keep them unaddressed. But wasn’t the Sriracha sauce invented in the city of Si Racha in Thailand’s Chonburi province and isn’t it still in production in that very same province? My mind kept wondering and I decided to check. Both the labels of my spicy red sauce bottles (pictures below) and Wikipedia confirm my suspicion. The truth of the matter: internationally, the biggest producer of Sriracha (Huy Fong, with the famous red rooster logo) is based in California, just started exporting to Thailand and seems to have an excellent PR department.


Ang Sila seafood market revisited

In spite of reports that the Ang Sila seafood market had been closed down in August (due to structural work to the pier) we decided to head over on December 5th and found it to still be thriving at the same location. The Ang Sila market sells extremely fresh and prepared fish and seafood, right on the local pier. Worth a visit for seafood lovers or anyone into authentic local markets. Pictures are available in this gallery.




Life Hack: Quick Asian lunch top tip

In busy periods of time, I like to keep an assortment of frozen salapao and dim sum in the freezer. At lunch time, just pop a pot with water on the stove, make the water boil and put a steamer with these Asian treats on top. In about 10 minutes you’ve got a lovely meal if you add some lettuce and some sauce (I like Heinz’s Chili Sauce). The practical thing is that it is almost impossible to over-steam them … so it doesn’t matter if you are a bit late, taking them off. I prefer the salty varieties, but the sweet one’s make for a delicious desert. Available at any supermarket in Thailand or at Asian supermarkets, in the West.


Test case-Lotus: wine :-)

Keen to test the findings of my Thai wine buying research in real-life, we hit Tesco-Lotus yesterday. Finding a reasonably priced and widely available bottle of red wine remains the current objective. First step: locate a bottle with a blue tax label and an acceptable price. Priced below 300 baht, this Australian Camden Park was in the same price bracket as the Peter Vella and Montclair local fruit wines. Second criterium: scan the labels for any mention of … yup, there it was “Fruit Wine“. On to the next one. Will report back with a review on the wine we ended up buying.



Buying decent wine for a reasonable price in Thailand

As you might have noticed from previous posts, I am struggling to find a decent bottle of (preferably red) wine at a reasonable price in Thailand. I decided to investigate why this proves to be such a challenging task. After all, Australia is relatively close by and makes respectable fermented grape juice. Word between the vines is that Thailand is perfectly capable of producing a good product. Even though a visit to to the Silverlake Vineyard didn’t exactly convince me, Khao Yai’s Granmonte Winery did win several international prizes. Continue reading for a surprising look into the Thai wine market, with a practical tip about how to judge a wine by its bottle.

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A Saturday in the life of

Lately, we’ve been getting an increasing amount of questions about our daily life, living in Isaan. Some of them seem to imply we live in poverty, others in the bush or even in an alien world. After a few days of feeling under the weather, I was up for a day out-and-about an we decided to hit the city. Perfect for another glimpse.

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