Food hack: Quick and delicious wok meal

After my local Chinese take-away restaurant went out of business, I was faced with a practical problem. Over the last 5 years, I had gotten used to having healthy personalized dishes 15 minutes and 5 steps away. My options were limited: either give up on my fitness diet (plenty of protein and veggies, low on fat) and resort to other take-away, or start cooking those meals myself. I grabbed the wok with both hands and came up with this delicious, cheap, cheerful, healthy and very quick solution, with minimal washing-up to be done afterwards.


First of all, get yourself some wok vegetable mixes (and a wok, obviously). Lidl has several of those (check picture, all below the EUR 2.00 mark), as does Delhaize and most other supermarkets.

Heat some olive oil in a wok pan and stir fry the veggies until they are nicely done, yet still a little crispy. Next, add about 500gr. of minced pork/beef or chicken chicken cubes (all available for about EUR 5.00; I do not recommend minced chicken), put them in the center of the pan (with the vegetables to the side) and wait until the meat is well done.

Stir fry and mix the meat and veggies for about 2 more minutes and your dish is done. Serve with rice that you cook alongside the wok dish, or add some chicken stock and use stir fry noodles.

These quantities will serve two persons (or one, for two days :-p)

Want some more variation? After you heat the olive oil and before you add the vegetables, add a spoon of Mae Ploy curry paste, available in your local asian supermarket and in several flavours. Move it around the heated olive oil until it becomes one unity.

Another delicious option is to add half coconut milk half chicken stock, for a distinctly thai experience.

Enjoy your meal! Chances are that you’ll be sitting at the dinner table long before the delivery guy would have arrived.

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