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The most suitable description of my attitude towards technology would be selective technophile. Yes, I do like digital gear, but I am not obsessed with new devices. When my trusty Macbook started having issues and neither Apple nor Switch offered viable solutions for repair, I was gutted. Until I discovered Dr. Macbook in Bangkok.

Dr. Macbook

In general, I choose my instruments and applications carefully, set them up just the way I like them and grow quite attached to them. My favorite camera is 14 years old and some of my applications are even older than that.

When my 7-year old Macbook Pro side-kick started overheating, losing battery life and developed charging issues, no affordable remedy was available in Belgium. Apple quoted an astronomical price and Switch even diagnosed the laptop as a total loss, over the phone.

Broken Macbook

With an upcoming trip to Thailand, I decided to look for options in Bangkok. Glowing reviews on Facebook, made Dr. Macbook stand out.

The reason why Apple repairs in the West are expensive is that they don’t really repair anything. They just replace major components with new ones. Not only is this more profitable, it provides an incentive for punters to buy a new system. This is were Dr. Macbook differs.

Repair Apple

The Dutch-run repair service for Macbook, MacMini, iMac, iPad, iPhone, HTC and LG phones goes the extra mile. Their technicians examine components and repair rather than replace if possible, while providing in-depth explanation and illustration. At the time of our visit the Dutch main technician was diagnosing a Macbook Air’s motherboard under the microscope, while going through technical diagrams and talking to the owner. Impressive.

My mid-2010 13-inch side-kick was disassembled, cleaned and repaired on-the-spot. It received a new battery and cooling paste. We were in and out in 40 minutes. In the 5 days since, it has been running like new.

Our total bill for parts, service, an iPhone 6 case, two USB cable and one Lightning charging cable came to 3,990 baht (about EUR 100). A future upgrade I am considering is an upgrade to a 500gb solid-state drive and was quoted somewhere around 7,000 baht.

Dr. Macbook‘s office is conveniently located near the intersection of Asoke and Sukhumvit. Take the Skytrain (BTS) to the Asoke station on the Sukhumvit line. Leave the station on the side that has the Terminal 21 Mall and walk towards the Asoke intersection. Cross the road and take a left, walking past Soi Cowboy, towards the Pullman hotel. You will clearly see a tall office building that says “FICO”. Dr. Macbook isn’t indicated anywhere, just enter through the side entrance into the lobby and inform the doorman who you want to visit. He will provide a security card that allows you to take the elevator to the 5th floor. The doctor’s office is on your left.

Dr. Macbook office

I would definitely recommend the service and will use it again. The only thing keeping Dr. Macbook from a perfect score are one improperly inserted screw (easy fix, though) and the absence of any kind of signage in the building (we almost left).

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  1. Judit Katona-Apte

    I had a problem with the scanner on my computer and went to Dr.Smartphone on Soi 33. Arlo helped me, he spent a long time on it, had to install a new driver, fix the malware detector, etc. I am 77 years old and a klutz when it comes to technology and he was patient and explained things so I could understand it and deal with it. I would like to highly recommend Dr.Smartphone to anyone who needs help with their devices. 

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