DJ Set: Martin Solveig @ EDC Las Vegas

Way back when yours truly was still reporter-to-the-electronic-stars, my favorite deejay to interview was Monsieur Solveig. Hands down the nicest artist in the industry, without any kind of drama or entourage. I used to call him the sleeper star … a totally inconspicuous fella who could make a large crowd go bonkers with the slide of mixer. Anyway, I always preferred his down-and-dirty sets in smaller rooms, which are harder to find these days. Mixmag captured such a rare live beast, and instantly took me way back. Hope you’ll enjoy, I know I did. Quite different from his (frankly proposterous) antics on a large stage, isn’t it?

MARTIN SOLVEIG (HOUSE SET) in The Lab #SmirnoffHouse at EDC Las Vegas


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