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Are nation states going to start competing for Middle-Class taxes?

From time to time I’d like to launch a thought-provoking idea, just to start a potentially interesting discussion. I haven’t quite figured out the answer to the first one, but here goes. In the light of wildly differing income taxation rates, growing population mobility and decreasing meaning of nationality, are nation states going to start competing for the income tax of the Middle Class, at some point? While this idea might seem out there, just indulge me for one moment and take a ride on my train of thought.

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Working remotely from Thailand: first week

My first week of working remotely from Thailand has just come to an end: time for an initial assessment. Leaving Belgium for a 3 month stint in Thailand did feel like kind of a gamble. While packing, all sort of questions popped into my mind. Would the internet connection be up to par? Would I be able to call Belgian telephone numbers without my location being noticed? Would the time difference be problematic? Would customers notice and have objections? Would it be problematic leading a team remotely? Was I gambling with my career? Personal issues also lead to some pondering. Would I be able to adapt to living in a completely different culture? Would my rental house be adequate? Let me reassure you: all is well. More than just well. Let me tell you why.

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Nomads: protect your digital gear

While working in South-East Asia, or any other part of the world for that matter, it’s always sensible to get an extension cable with multiple outlets, a ground connection (3-pin plug) and especially power surge protection. It covers you a. when only one socket is available b. in case of an unstable mains supply c. in case of static build up and consequent shock. Remember: fried notebook equals one-way ticket home. The one in the picture cost about EUR 7.5.