Dear Belgian politicians,

Belgium has had a very rough week. We’ve been attacked by extremists who have murdered innocent bystanders in order to infuse fear in people’s minds and harm our way of life. We all know Belgium is a complicated country to govern, both institutionally and politically. These dark days are not the time to let hidden agendas get the better of you. You have a responsibility to lead the country through these tribulations. Please do not take this duty lightly. This is not the time to turn our communities against each other. To do so, after an act of war, borders on treason. Currently, you are collectively playing into the cards of the terrorists. People will not stand for this, mark my words.


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  1. Lou De Buyser

    Deze was daar natuurlijk als voetbalsupporter 🙂

  2. Lou De Buyser
  3. Lou De Buyser

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