Conspiracy theory: the Righteous Judges

Without any doubt, it was the theft of the painting The Righteous Judges – one of the panels of a Christian altar piece of the Saint Bavo cathedral (Ghent, BE) – that got me hooked on these stories. In fact, it was this book (now scarcely available) that started it all. The case is not very widely known outside of Belgium, but encompasses unexplained theft, cryptic clues, nazi investigators, and has a direct link to the Da Vinci Code and the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. Underneath is a well-known dutch-spoken documentary (produced in 1992) that got many people hooked. No English piece seems to be available, sorry. I would like to encourage you to read up on the subject: the story peels away like an onion. If you can, track down the book mentioned above. If you can’t, this is another good place to start.

Update 25/06/2015: Apparently there is a rumor that the stolen painting is in the hands of a wealthy family. Also, in the Eighties negotiations failed to return the panel. (all dutch-spoken links again, sorry). At least it is probably still out there. Flemish TV also made an interesting historical overview of the mystery.

De Rechtvaardige Rechters Panorama reportage 1994


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