Confusion about Sriracha sauce

A few weeks ago Bangkok expats burst into spontaneous cries of joy on social media: Sriracha spicy sauce would be available in Thailand, finally. The story got picked up be several online media, explaining that Sriracha isn’t originally Thai and interviewing locals who where just as surprised as myself. While I have come to know several extremely pleasant Bangkok residents with foreign roots, some of them have picked up a few peculiarities while living in the BKK Bubble. Nothing major, just little quirks like their yearning for British Indian food, or the American Chinese kitchen.  Early on, I’ve learned not to question them and just keep them unaddressed. But wasn’t the Sriracha sauce invented in the city of Si Racha in Thailand’s Chonburi province and isn’t it still in production in that very same province? My mind kept wondering and I decided to check. Both the labels of my spicy red sauce bottles (pictures below) and Wikipedia confirm my suspicion. The truth of the matter: internationally, the biggest producer of Sriracha (Huy Fong, with the famous red rooster logo) is based in California, just started exporting to Thailand and seems to have an excellent PR department.

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