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Foodtruck market in Vilvoorde

Today (06/04/2017) my hometown of Vilvoorde (Belgium) hosted the first edition of a monthly foodtruck market, behind city hall. From April to October, the event will take place on the first Thursday of each month (17.00 – 21.00). Even though I visited quite early in the evening (17.30) the square behind city hall was already buzzing. Very commendable initiative that will only improve while summer warms up. Let’s hope that it is moved to the town square to include the bars with open-air seating, once renovations are completed. Along with Hipster Vilvoorde, this is just another sign that the future is colorful for our city. More pictures are available here.



Hipster Vilvoorde

My hometown is Vilvoorde, a city with about 43,000 inhabitants neighboring the Belgian capital of Brussels and with a checkered past. Vilvoorde thrived during the Industrial Revolution due to the proximity to Brussels and the excellent transport infrastructure. Being one of the largest industrial areas around Brussels, the city remained successful until the late nineties when subsequent economic crises started to have an adverse effect on the economy. As a result, Vilvoorde received a rather grey and negative image which is sometimes propagated to this day. Local commercial policy (or the lack thereof) hasn’t been able to stop increasing shop vacancy in the main shopping street, which only aggravated the reputation. Lately a trend has been rising in our city next to the river Zenne. One that might point towards the answer for both the local economy and the city as a whole, if policy makers choose to see and address it. Let me tell you about Hipster Vilvoorde.

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