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Bargain boxers

For about a decade America Today‘s self-branded Alex boxer were my absolute favorite. Well-designed (wedgie-proof ;-)), durable and comfortable, they offered great value for quality that was similar to Calvin Klein, but at a far better price. At one point however, an inside label was added that seriously irritated the skin and rendered them unusable (unless worn inside-out). A new generation slightly addressed this issue, but did not resolve completely … and I had to part ways with my favorite brand. Last week, I was informed that America Today had finally found a solution by simply removing the label … two days later the new version arrived at my door step. Perfect! The new boxers are available in their online store, but be careful the improvement only applies to this and this product. They are available with a buy two get one free deal and the 15FLIPIT coupon code gets you an additional 15% discount until the end of January 2016. Bargain.


Adidas ZNE Traveller Hoodie

When Adidas launched the Zero Negative Energy (ZNE) line, focusing on pre- and post-game athlete comfort, I wasn’t particularly listening. With the fashionable and sharp  traveller edition they caught my attention. My ZNE hoodie struck me as smart and fashionable, has an elongated hood that helps drown out cabin rumour during flights, has many hidden compartments and uses premium lining to make you feel at home during long hauls. Sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but it’s genuinely lovely. Classic.



Paying respect elegantly

With Thailand mourning their beloved King Bhumibol, black attire and the classic black ribbon have been supplemented with new elegant ways of expressing one’s respect. Brooches, medallions, pins, earrings and other accessories either depicting HRH the King, the ribbon or the Thai number 9 (for Rama IX) started emerging. More pictures of what is available here.




Crocs launched a range of summer shoes that not makes you look like you’re cleaning the floor, heading for the beach or belong in a facility for assisted living. Also … a nice present from my girlfriend 🙂



Sherri Hill digitally mutilates models

American designer Sherri Hill makes very elegant dresses, there is no question about that. While we have come to accept that Photoshop is used on glamour shots, Mrs. Hill might be taking it one step too far. Digitally removing ribs, defying gravity, re-jointing legs … it’s all a bit much. Key in getting potential customers to identify with your brand, is to remember that they are human 🙂 Otherwise: absolutely love her formal evening dresses, they are ravishing … illustrated by her collection for fall/winter 2015 at New York Fashion Week (runway video available below).


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