Capture, Capture … digital slang in Thailand

The expression “Capture, Capture!” seems to be popular and is frequently used by Thai people, usually followed by laughter. The meaning, and as a result the joke, were always lost on me. The bits and pieces I got was that it was somehow related to a commercial and a ladyboy. Turns out it has quite a funny origin, indeed. Continue reading for the entire story.

อย่าเลือก Samsung Galaxy S6 ถ้าไม่ชอบ Smart Selfie แบบชม

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 mobile phone was launched with an elaborate media campaign with a series of local celebrities. One of these commercials (included at the top of this post) highlights one of the selling points of this phone: the ability to take a selfie with a voice command. One of these commands is “Capture“.

A little later, a video by ladyboy Teerawat Budtaya (a performer of Pattaya cabaret show Alcazar) surfaced, where she is trying to use this feature, but the smartphone does not understand her. This video (underneath) went viral and the expression “Capture, Capture!” while taking a picture found its way into popular culture.

อิสานพาเพลิน Capture By Samsung Galaxy S6 นางน่ารัก ดูที่ไรก็ยิ้มตลอด

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  1. De mijne reageert wel op “Smile”, handig voor selfies met selfie stick. Volgende keer probeer ik eens capture… zien of hij werkt en zien wat de reactie van locals rondom is 😀

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