Beware of Basic Fit payment reminders!

When my favorite gym closed late last year, I reluctantly joined Basic Fit. Price-wise their offer remains extremely attractive. I opted to pay for a one-year subscription (payed in advance) as I don’t like to give a commercial corporation access to my bank account. This decision has just been validated by quite an aggressive letter Basic Fit has just sent me.

The letter states that I haven’t payed my subscription fee and that:

  • I have to pay within 5 days
  • I have to pay an additional administrative charge of EUR 15 because I did not grant them access to my bank account (which confirms that they would already have taken the money if I had done so)
  • A collection agency will be hired to retrieve the funds if I do not pay or respond

The fact that my one-year subscription was immediately payed in full is illustrated by the fact that:

  1. The subscription machine issued a membership card
  2. My bank statement confirms the payment
  3. I have a written statement that I have payed, which I needed for my health insurance provider


Administrative errors do occur and I would grant Basic Fit the benefit of the doubt, if the only ways to respond wasn’t a telephone number that charges 30 cent / minute? Therefore, I have no other option than to contact them in a public post over social media, and to file a complaint with consumer organizations.

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  1. Hi Steven,

    We’ve had contact through Twitter about this subject. Everything is taking care of and is solved. Unfortunately this was an administration flaw, which we apologize for. Of course you can always reach us costless through e-mail.

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