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Old school gearhead

The sight of an impeccably clean German straight-6 engine gives me joy. I’ll confess: I’m a gearhead. This is my 17-year old jewel. Rebuilt, tuned, but inconspicuous and unassuming.  One of my favorite things in the world.



Organic rat rods

In Western custom car culture, faux patina, artificial aging and a ratty look are popular, currently. Here in Thailand you come across cars that grew into that look … while being in use since they left the showroom floor, more than three decades ago.



Most ridiculous #crossbranding éver

With the #lewisgetsinked campaign, Epson has embarked upon the most rediculous cross-branding attempt ever. I actually double-double-checked this to make sure it wasn’t a parody, even the behind-the-scenes video did not convince me. That voice-over, the link between a budget-friendly printer and Mercedes-Benz-AMG-Petronas, those poses by Hamilton.



Farang wheeler dealers in Thailand – Exhibit 1

One of my favorite pass-times in Thailand is looking for local or foreign entrepreneurship. The Land of Smiles offers plenty of opportunity for those with initiative. I’ve come across remarkable local business men and impressive foreign portfolios, which I hope to report on in the future. However, researching this, from time-to-time I also run into a particular subspecies of farang (‘foreigner’) that is always looking for a quick buck, having one over on someone or beating the system. The most amusing scenarios are those that have D I S A S T E R written all over them, with the person involved blissfully unaware. The story I would like to tell you about today involves this car, for sale in Belgium.


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