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Lately, we’ve been getting an increasing amount of questions about our daily life, living in Isaan. Some of them seem to imply we live in poverty, others in the bush or even in an alien world. After a few days of feeling under the weather, I was up for a day out-and-about an we decided to hit the city. Perfect for another glimpse.

img_20161126_115629.jpgFirst up was breakfast in a local eatery. Noodles and Somtam provided energy for the 40 minute drive to Korat.

img_20161126_112001.jpgWe decided to spend the day at The Mall, as we had a few errands to run, some shopping to do and watch a movie. Khwantippa was eager to see Fantastic Beasts and How To Catch Them, the new JK Rowling movie. We decided on a treat and selected the VIP theatre. The price is about the same as a movie in Europe, but you get a power adjustable leather sofa, a comfortable blanket, beverage and during the movie you are offered pies and macarons. A good way to indulge 🙂

img_20161126_132602.jpgNext up was a visit to the hairdresser’s, as my hair needed to be weeded out 🙂 I chose for a shampoo and trim at Shiseido, for 450 baht (about 12 euro).  It started with a very extensive four-step wash, that was more intensive then expected. Apparently, local custom dictates that your scalp is scratched rather hard. Not something I plan to make part of my routine.

img_20161126_171811.jpgThere seems to be a new trend in Thai malls: beauty clinics. These include slimming clinics, tooth whitening shops and skin care institutions. They all have glamorous shop fronts and employ hard-selling sales representatives to sell expensive treatments. Khwantippa had a skin care appointment, which gave me the opportunity to walk around and browse through electronics.

photogrid_1480216015592.pngShopping around as a single person of Western origin proved to be quite different from window shopping in local company. Whatever shop I set foot in, I was immediately tailed by a sales person. Whatever product I even glanced at triggered a long monologue in Thai, stopping me to study its features. In effect, I was kind of chased out of every store. My intention to purchase a power bank, was therefore cancelled.

The two-hour skin treatment left Khwantippa extremely hungry, so we headed over to our favorite Japanese-style restaurant: Fuji. At about EUR 40 for the selection below, Fuji provides a lot more quality and value than Tohkai we tried last time.

photogrid_1480215804861.pngOur last visit was to the Gourmet Market supermarket, for some Western-style ingredients. It is kind of a mix of the Belgian markets Delhaize and Rob, so tight purse strings are advisable.

photogrid_1480215864739.pngThis was a small look into a Saturday, shopping. No local folklore, but an illustration that we aren’t removed from every day life in the West … well, not far anyway 🙂



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