A mystical afternoon

This afternoon we visited Korat city center and went to pay respect to the statue of Ya Mo, the patroness of the region. According to local belief, the reason I have been able to stay here for 3 months, was by her grace. We burned some incense, offered her flowers and added some gold leaf to a small statue of hers, after wich we walked through Chumpon gate. Let’s hope it works another time. Afterwards a local fortune teller had a few things to say about my future. An interesting experience, let me tell you all about it.

The man usually sits right next to Chumphon Gate, has a voodoo-like altar in a little suitcase and wears quite a few gold items. His books and notes look very weathered and are kept together with tape … Let’s hope these are all indicators of success and don’t consider what he is actually successful in.

By means of numerology, palm reading and tarot cards he determined that I was a person of good luck, charm and a strong work ethic. A guardian angel is supposedly looking over my shoulder, which protects me from harm. He assured me that I would have good fortune, an increasingly successful career, and a very good life ahead. His most significant prediction was that a major positive turn would happen between ages 39 and 41, which (strangely) I have heared before. He also warned me that I should acquire better control over my emotions and should rush less in my daily life. At the end he clarified that consistently positive fortunes like these are very rare.

Let’s hope he is right. Will keep you posted 😉

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