A day with traditional dance group Thai Belles

When Thai-Flemish cultural organization Thaivlac offered to spend a day on the road with their Ram Thai dance group, I grasped the opportunity with both hands. Belgium has a thriving Thai scene and a weekend rarely goes by without some kind of a public event. While these parties, festivals and cultural initiatives primarily used to cater to a niche (ie. Thai) audience, these are increasingly popular and growing out to be wholesome and colorful family outings. They usually include music, dance and Thai food. Thaivlac is one of the organizations that function as pillars of the Thai society: they teach Dutch-Thai and Thai-Dutch languages courses, operate the Thai Belles dance group and distribute a monthly newsletter that lists the upcoming events. Do check their website for both the newsletters and bookings for the Belles.  More information on related initiatives and other dance groups coming up. Picture report of my day as a roadie is available here. A few smartphone videos if you continue reading. Thanks for a lovely day!

Thaise Dans Schilde - 01

Thaise Dans Schilde - 02

Thaise Dans Schilde - 03

Thaise Dans Schilde - 04

Thaise Dans Schilde - 05


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